Manufacturer – Standard – Production and Trading of Bitumen and Heavy Hydrocarbons and Oil Joints…

Selection of Ambassador Refining Services and Activities

Processing and export of bitumen

Standardization and production of light and heavy hydrocarbons

Production, processing of petroleum derivatives and petrochemicals

Export bitumen in barrels and bags of 50kg to 1000kg

Bulk bitumen, polybag, jumbabag, gilsonite, cartoon bitumen and …

Transportation, transit and export of petroleum and petrochemical products

Carrying diesel, petroleum, gasoline, petroleum and petroleum products

Bitumen overlay and bitumen

Ability to produce, sell and make different types of barrels with the highest industrial standard

why us

Employing experienced technicians

Petro Saffir Group employs experienced and experienced specialists to provide customers with the best technical knowledge of the day to provide the best products and services.

Ambassador Support Services

Petro Saffir Group of companies together with experts and engineers has always put the best service on its agenda and is responsive to the needs and demands of domestic and foreign markets.

Competitive prices

Petro Ambassadors has always pursued customer satisfaction with competitive pricing in domestic and international markets.

Cooperation and partnership

One of the goals of the Ambassadors Collection is to partner with other competitors, partners, manufacturers and factories.

Use Opportunities

Taking advantage of investment opportunities and integrating with the international community in all areas have been Petro Ambassador Group achievements


Engaging with Businesses and Other Partners in Service Providers is Better Than the Purpose of the Ambassador Collection